Squat Proof 

Sizing for Performance leggings (SQUAT-PROOF LEGGINGS)

It can be frustrating to read reviews that rave about a particular pair of squat-proof leggings, and then later find that other reviewers for that same pair of leggings make the claim that the leggings definitely are not squat proof. How can this be?

A large part of it has to do with size, and not all leggings are made the same. Just because you are a medium in one brand, you will automatically be a medium in the next brand. Also, what material are the leggings made out of?  Nylon (stretchy leggings) or Polyester (compression leggings), both of these fabrics perform completely different from each other.

Choosing the right size with performance fabrics is extremely important, and really depends what you want to do in them. Using them for everyday life or using them to train at a high level?

Why Choosing The Right Size Performance Legging Matters

While thickness is one contributing factor, sufficient stretch is another. Leggings' stretch performance is often in the 1-inch overall range, sometimes more, sometimes less. While the leggings may continue to stretch beyond that point, the performance, including opaqueness (squat proof) can start to erode. The fibers have over stretched and created a bigger void between each other and that’s where the undies (skin) start to show up.  

The Correct size is a big factor. Our leggings are very compressive and designed with polyester. Intentionally designed this way for athletic performance and training, they will not size up but will size down due to the compression. Imagine a world class athlete stopping during race to pull up their leggings, this wouldn’t be a good thing. We designed them to flex, stretch, and compress for maximum performance training. 

What is the Right Size For Squat-Proofing Your Leggings?

This step is frequently missed when choosing the right performance legging because many women automatically default to the “size they normally wear”. You will notice that most sizes overlap (2-4, 6-8). If your measurements are at the upper end of the scale for a size, consider going with the larger size to ensure adequate stretch when you begin to move. Remember that these are performance leggings and designed with compression and have to be inched up. You may also want to size up if you don’t enjoy having too much compression.

Happy Training!!

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