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Legging Engineering & Design

At Love Her, we are committed to creating leggings that are inclusive and cater to every body type. Whether you're a pear or a plum, we celebrate and appreciate all body shapes. Our diverse range of leggings are designed to complement your unique figure, and we've provided descriptions below to help you find the perfect fit. We value your feedback and welcome any suggestions to help us improve. Please feel free to reach out to us at to share your thoughts!

Love Her's female engineer team set out on a mission to design the perfect pair of leggings. Designed to fit every body shape. We researched, looking to athletes, gym professionals, moms, daughters, and regular women for input. 

How can we make the perfect leggings? Their responses were the same, over and over:

  1. "Make them squat proof."

  2. "Needs pockets that can fit any phone."

  3. "Pill resistant."

  4. "Affordable"

  5. "I don’t want to have to tug them up"

  6. "I don’t want them to hold moisture and look like I wet myself. Make them quick-drying!"

  7. "I don’t want my dog or cat to look like they went to the gym with me (animal hair/lint sticking)."

With all the data in hand, Nylon was to blame! To combat the complaints, our Love Her team created our proprietary high-performance blend. 

Our leggings have been squat-proof tested, hot yoga tested, used in cross-fit competitions, Olympic qualification races, and most importantly women tested and approved. We promise that our leggings will always be affordable, functional, quick-drying, compressive, high quality, and made with you in mind.

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This compressive legging is designed to optimize your high-performance activities. The high-waisted style of these leggings provides a sleek, shapewear-like fit that offers full support and comfort throughout your day. Equipped with roomy pockets, these leggings can hold any phone size, and the fabric snaps back into place after use.

Our Everyday Style leggings offer a light level of compression and are designed to provide maximum comfort. With a streamlined design that is free of pockets, these leggings offer excellent stretch and limited stitching along your legs, making them the perfect choice for a relaxed athleisure outfit.

Loveher Alyssa April 2022-118.jpg

Crafted with medium compression, our V-Shaped leggings offer a comfortable fit that flatters your figure. Featuring pockets on both sides, these leggings provide ample space to carry your essentials with ease. The V-stitching design on the back is not only stylish but also serves to elongate your legs and accentuate your curves, giving you a sleek and confident look.

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