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Love Her Spotlight: Kendall Nielson - Founder of SHiNE Dance Fitness

Love Her would like to introduce you to Kendall Nielson! Location: Boise, Idaho Founder of: SHiNE Dance Fitness

Fanatic for: Love Her Leggings

In the world of fitness and dance, there are those who make you sweat, and then there's Kendall Nielson, who makes you shine. Kendall is the dynamic force behind SHiNE Dance Fitness, an international fitness sensation that began as a local class in Boise, Idaho, in February 2015. What makes Kendall's journey truly remarkable is her transformation from someone who wasn't particularly fond of working out to becoming a beacon of confidence, empowerment, and fabulousness for countless individuals around the world.

Love Her has partnered with SHiNE Dance fitness to provide you all with a free trial to experience what SHiNE dance fitness is all about! Use the code LOVE2SHINE for a complimentary 1 month FREE of SHiNE online. Love Her and SHiNE have also worked together to craft our Pink Shine Silhouette 7/8 leggings! You can experience SHiNE Dance Fitness by watching an express class in our Pink SHiNE Silhouette leggings by clicking the button below.

The Birth of SHiNE: Kendall's fitness journey wasn't always glitter and glamour. She recalls her early struggles with traditional workouts until she discovered dance fitness. In 2008, she started her quest for a fitness class that made her feel confident, empowered, and fabulous, like a backup dancer for Beyoncé or The Pussycat Dolls. When she couldn't find the perfect fit, she decided to create it herself, taking the leap and starting a local dance fitness class, fully expecting it to be a small, once-a-week endeavor. Little did she know, 12 years later, SHiNE would evolve into an international brand with 260K+ YouTube subscribers, thousands of online members, and hundreds of certified instructors impacting lives all over the world.

Staying Active Beyond Dancing: Kendall recognizes the importance of balance and strength in her fitness regimen. Besides dancing, she actively incorporates strength training into her routine. She's excited about the upcoming launch of "UPLIFT," a fun and effective strength training program that complements the SHiNE experience. Whether she's SHiNING or UPLIFTING, Kendall is all about making fitness enjoyable and fulfilling.

Overcoming Challenges: Navigating the health and wellness industry is no easy feat, given its saturation. Kendall's commitment to pouring value into SHiNE's offerings and continuously seeking creative ways to stand out speaks to her dedication to her community. She knows the positive impact her program has, and she's always on the lookout for opportunities to spread the love of SHiNE further.

The Power of SHiNE Gear: Confidence comes from within, but a great outfit can certainly enhance it. Kendall feels most confident in her SHiNE gear, especially her SHiNE hat, SHiNE crop tank, and Love Her leggings. She appreciates the way our Love Her leggings fit, the pockets, variety, and designs that align perfectly with the SHiNE brand.

A little more about Kendall:

Favorite Dance Track: If Kendall were on the dance floor and could request any song, it would undoubtedly be a hip-hop track. She knows how to groove to the rhythm and bring out her inner dancer.

Balancing Healthy Eating and Guilty Pleasures: Kendall's go-to healthy dish is a veggie buddha bowl, a delightful mix of quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato, roasted peppers and veggies, avocado, curried chickpeas, and beets with feta. For a treat, she can't resist cupcakes and sugar cookies. She's even the kind of person who gladly takes your extra frosting if you don't want it!

Personal Growth Through SHiNE: Since starting SHiNE, Kendall's journey has been transformative. Her confidence and self-belief have grown tremendously. “If someone would have told me 10 years ago SHiNE would be what it is today, I truly would have thought I wasn’t capable of scaling to this size. Growing this company has been such an organic process that it’s allowed me to grow with it along the way,” she says. Scaling a company to include her own facility, 650+ instructors worldwide, three fitness formats, and a thriving community has shown her just how capable she truly is.

An Ideal Day in Kendall's World: Kendall cherishes her work days just as much as her “white space” days with nothing booked on the calendar, but if she were to plan it out, her ideal day is a blend of relaxation and indulgence. It starts with sleeping in, quiet time, and coffee, followed by a day on the boat with her family. Afterward, a hot shower prepares her for a cozy evening, complete with New York-style pizza, a movie, snuggles with her puppy, and, of course, a cupcake.

Kendall Nielson is more than just a fitness guru; she's a source of inspiration for those seeking empowerment, confidence, and a little extra sparkle in their lives. Through SHiNE Dance Fitness, Kendall has created a global community that dances to the beat of their own fabulousness, reminding us all that the path to fitness and self-confidence can be as fun and vibrant as a dance party with friends.


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