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How to Wash Love Her Leggings

Picture this, it’s Sunday…wash day…the dreaded wash day. You might be a mom who has more clothing to wash than she cares to admit; or you might be a single lady with so much clothing in your hamper it’s starting to make the room smell musty. Whoever you are, we all know sometimes you just shove your clothing in the washing machine altogether. Okay, maybe you split out whites and colors. But do you really air dry, use specific detergent, handwash, soak in rose water, and sing to birds as you hang your clothes on a line? 

Maybe you do, but at Love Her we are okay with admitting that we don’t. Although here is the reality of the situation, some of our leggings simply need a delicate hand if you want our beautiful shiny metallic designs to outlast your New Year's resolution, that marathon training period, or your yearly MURPH workout. But some don’t! Read below to find out which leggings need to be handled more delicately than others and why. 


If you’ve noticed, we are known for having some pretty imaginative and stylish legging designs. From our Pink Mermaid Dream, Prism to Aquarius Silver. All of these reflective legging designs were applied with heat, which means that if too much heat is applied to them again the design could start to come off. So instead of a colored metallic rainbow, after too much hot water washing, they may just be a regular metallic. With these leggings you will want to handle them with care; turn them inside out, wash them with cold water, gentle cycle, and hang them to dry or tumble dry with no heat. Once these needy babies are all clean feel free to take them dancing, lifting, running, or just relaxing. They will be there to support you. A rule of thumb to go by is any leggings with “Confetti” or “Ombre” in the title will fall in the “wash delicately” category. Some more examples of these would be:


Any of our solid colors within our slimming line can definitely handle getting put through the ringer. You don’t need to stress about any bleeding or hand washing. Give those suckers some tough love and they will stick it out with you.

BUT if you want to get into the nitty gritty details of how to wash leggings, here they are. The high performance material blend that makes our leggings, contains synthetic materials that will shrink when washed in hot water. Try to stick to cold water as well as washing them with other synthetic clothing. Because like any synthetic fiber, they attach lint when washed with cotton fabrics. So if you want to go above and beyond, show your new Love Her leggings some extra affection with a wash tailored to make them last. (p.s. The same applies to all our joggers and any solid colored sports bras or shorts.) 

Some of these are:

If you’re still confused with which leggings need what type of care or have any concerns/issues with your order feel free to send an email to us at

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