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Love Her's are not your Aunt Lulu’s traditional nylon stretchy leggings. They may look like traditional leggings but these were designed for compression and performance. 

With a team of very smart and passionate women engineers, we set out on a mission to make a functional affordable quality legging.

We researched and researched, looked at the competition and saw their issues. Met with yoga teachers, gym trainers, Olympic runners, crossfitters, daughters and moms, regular women working out at the gym, people like you and me and asked...

How can we make the perfect legging? Their responses were the same, over and over again.

  1. Make them Squat Proof

  2. Need Pockets 

  3. Pilling resistant

  4. Make them affordable

  5. I don’t want to tug them up while I am working out

  6. I don’t want to look like I wet myself after working out

  7. I don’t want my dog or cat to look like its at the gym with me (animal hair/lint sticking)

With all the data and facts in hand, Nylon was to blame. The material properties of the legging were the most important and crucial to combat the complaints, so we stayed away from Nylon and designed with a mix of Polyester to solve these problems.

Our women engineers designed and engineered for performance, compression, comfort, affordability, and style. We design with the same material properties and engineering of leading competitive high intensity sportswear manufacturers, designed for professional athletes competing at the highest level in their sport. These leggings have been squat proof tested, hot yoga tested, used in cross-fit competitions, Olympic sprint qualification races, and most importantly women tested and approved. We promise that our leggings will always be affordable, functional, made with quality, and made with you in mind.



They may look like traditional stretchy yoga leggings but reminder they are designed for training performance, compression and minimal fabric stretch. Rule of thumb for our leggings they will not size up, they will only size down due to the compression. The high waistband is the same for all our leggings, designed  with a smooth elastic band, for stay-put power. Let me remind you,  they do have compression.



Our most popular legging line designed with you in mind. This line has great support and Mid to High compression, and they have pockets. Only two lines of stitching running parallel with your leg, creating a slimming effect. Jump, run, squat, lift, these leggings can do it all. Designs both in Crop (22" inseam) and 7/8 (25"inseam). Reminder they do have compression.



This line has less stitching and great for mid to low impact workouts and fit like traditional leggings but designed with supportive compression. This performance design offers a firm compression that keeps you supportive whether you plan on running a marathon or just running errands. Designs both in Crop (22" inseam) and 7/8 (25"inseam)


Love Her Heart  

Great for high intensity impact workouts and they have pockets. These have maximum compression and NO material stretch in the fabric. Once they go on, these leggings stay in place and no tugging or dancing at the gym, they will have to be inched up to get them on. Clients will normally will size up on this style due to the amount of compression. Normally used by CrossFit users or frequent HIIT attendees. The fitted design and high quality fabric contours to your shape, accentuating your muscle tone and offering muscle support during long workouts. Crop (22" inseam) and 7/8 (25"inseam).

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At Love Her, we believe in inclusion and that every woman deserves the opportunity to develop realize her full potential. Our brand has evolved with the mission to bring high quality fitness wear to all women. The level of quality, combined with the accessible price is the beginning of the fitness wear revolution. Join us.

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