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The Perfect Compressive Legging


In summary, the rule of thumb for our leggings is that they WILL BE COMPRESSIVE! If you want those curves to be snatched, stick to your normal size. But if you’re in between two sizes or want our leggings to give a more relaxed fit, go a size up. 

For more details on our Love Her legging designs, continue reading…


Feeling Uncomfortable About What Size of Compressive Leggings You Should Pick? 

We get it, online shopping for clothing can make anyone feel uneasy. Plus, dealing with the hassle of returning items can be a pain on everyone’s end. So to do our best to prevent anyone from ordering the wrong size, we try to over-communicate the specific way our leggings will fit your body. 

Leggings with Tummy Control

Our Slimming Legging Style is designed to fit as a compressive legging for high performance, minimal fabric stretch, and tummy control. We want to show you all the support there is to give to those love handles. So due to this compressive design, we highly encourage you not to size down. Go with your gut, stick to the original size you would normally pick, and expect them to fit with support. 


Bonus: Our leggings also have an extra high waistband with elastic threaded into the top fabric that will prevent them from slipping down. You’ll feel caressed and secure throughout the day without needing to pull them up over and over again. This perk allows us to provide you with affordable leggings that don’t fall down.


Lighter Legging Compression

If you’re looking for a legging with a lighter compression than our Slimming Legging Style you might want to look at our Everyday Style. This legging design is perfect for a yoga class, a walk through the neighborhood, or a nice moment curled up on a couch with a book. The limited stitching allows the fabric to stretch more, feeling like a second skin. You might just forget you’re even wearing pants.  


Third Times the Charm 

Still unsure about those two options? Well, good news; we have a third option and we think you’re going to love it. Our V-Shaped legging design is made with a V stitching on the back to accentuate those beautiful curves you have. The level of support is right between the Slimming Line and the Everyday Style. Squat proof leggings with pockets, medium compression, and stitching that works to give a “slimming” effect? Yes, please. 


If it Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Force It

At the end of the day, if you do choose to switch your leggings out for a different size, feel free! It matters to us that you are comfortable in your fresh new set of Love Her leggings. Read more about our return policy on our FAQ page. We love speaking to customers and hearing about their experiences with our leggings. We promise we won’t bite; email us at

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