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Affiliate Program

Influencer/Rep: “OMG I am obsessed with this item, use my discount code to get 10% off or use my link" 

Have you ever stopped and wondered how they got the discount code? Companies either exchange free clothing or monetary compensation/commission with the ambassador. Ambassadors are selected on looks, how many followers they have, and how much sales they can drive for their company. A few weeks later that brand ambassador has switched companies or was let go by the company and is again repeating the line with a new brand “OMG I am obsessed.”

We like transparency and especially with the current economic situation, every penny should be saved for our families for the rough road ahead. We do not have Affiliate programs; it is a social media tactic we try to avoid. You see so many companies and people on social media promoting programs about ambassadors/athletes/influencers/Reps /discount codes etc., but what most do not know is that these companies raise the prices to $65+ to cover the cost of their programs, commissions, or discounts they give out and unfortunately pass the cost on to the end-user. Even if the discount code is applied the end user is still paying a higher price and we honestly do not believe this is fair.



The average discount codes, you see in the market are 10% - 25%


65 dollar legging with a 10% discount ($6.50) – New Cost is $58.50

65 dollar legging with a 25% discount ($16.25) – New Cost is $48.75


We share the same manufacturers as some of the big-name companies and we cannot believe how much they charge; we are a company on a mission to bring change to the legging world with a promise to make athletic wear affordable. With no unnecessary added markup or added rep commissions. 


We believe in growing word of mouth and our clients spreading the word if they like our products, the good old fashion way of growing a business. You can have one or a million followers and we promise that our pricing will always be fair, and no codes will be needed. We are just getting started and as we continue to grow, we hope to continue to lower our prices even more and pass the savings to our clients. Knowledge is power!!


Love Her, for everyone.

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